What’s it like travelling as a lesbian couple? Our experience so far…

In one word? Slightly awkward. And yes, we realise that’s two. 

We would love to say it’s been all sunshine and rainbow flags, but then our pants would be on fire… But on the whole, it’s been AWESOME!!

Here is why:

There is nothing better than travelling the world with your significant other! Whoever that may be! So the standard awesome things here apply for any couple. But a lesbian couple?

Double the wardrobe!
You basically have two backpacks of clothes. Can life get any better?

double rainbow

Living in a closet
Sometimes literally, but we’re talking metaphorically here. In some countries it’s just not okay to be gay. As much as we would like this not to be the case, it is. And we think if you’re visiting someone else’s home, you should respect the rules and take your shoes off. So we have spent a portion of our trip saying, yes- best friends. Not gunna lie – this can suck! But in the grand scheme of things, it’s a small price to pay when you have the privilege of seeing an amazing country!

in the closet

(From here on, just assume we are talking about a country where it is accepted to be gay)

Fighting for a room
Yes, we did say a double room, not a twin. You did not mishear us! Then comes that awkward few moments, before finally getting a bed for two. But sometimes you just gotta suck it up and take the twin beds. Then you can either push them together, or have a night of single bed spooning!

little spoon

Speaking of twins…
NO WE ARE NOT TWINS!! We get this a lot. Along with ‘Sisters?’ Ew.


Ever turned up at a party uninvited? We imagine the feeling is similar! We perhaps don’t look like some people’s preconceived idea of a lesbian couple, so it can cause quite a number of stares. It’s almost never from the locals, funnily enough, but fellow backpackers, who you would assume would be more interested in the surroundings and used to different ways of life from their own. But hey – maybe it’s just cuz we look so good together ;). 


Slipping it in…
We have met the coolest bunch of people and made some great friendships on this trip! It’s so easy to meet like minded people on the road, but there’s always the initial awkward – do they know? Should we tell them?? Luckily everyone has been super cool with it, but it has become a bit of an art form, working out a way to slip it in the conversation.

I'm a Homosexual

Sound familiar? Please leave a comment below – we’d love to hear about your experiences! 

4 thoughts on “What’s it like travelling as a lesbian couple? Our experience so far…

  1. Hello!
    I was wondering what countries or places you felt like you had to be more discrete in? My partner and I are planning travel for a few months and have been trying to get an idea of where we should expect this so we can anticipate it in advance.
    Love your blog! Cheers!


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